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Sycamore Soccer Club / CUSL Spring 2008 CALENDER




Event Information Event date
Preliminary team registration due for spring, 2008 2/18/2008
Team entry fees ($40 per team) due to Treasurer 2/18/2008
Roster input to system to be completed for "spring only" teams 3/3/2008
All club data to be entered into system 3/3/2008
Preliminary brackets posted, so long as all data is timely entered by clubs/teams 3/5/2008
Web system closed. No further roster entry permitted. This is a firm date - no exceptions 3/5/2008
Bracket appeals due to Boys and Girls Directors 3/11/2008
Team and player registration and rostering 3/15/2008
U-8, U-9, U-10 and U-11 coaches' bracketing meetings 3/15/2008
Bracket appeal meeting 3/18/2008
Last date for club to drop teams ($500 penalty if team dropped thereafter) 3/18/2008
Web system open to print rosters and make roster changes 3/22/2008
Schedules posted 3/25/2008
First date scheduled matches may be pre-played 3/30/2008
First day of scheduled spring matches 4/6/2008
Bye week - no matches schedules 5/4/2008
Spring season ends - no matches played after this date will be reflected in the standings 6/8/2008
Last date to play matches having a scheduled play date after June 08 6/8/2008