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About Cincinnati United Premier (CUP) Soccer Club

An important element of the Cincinnati United Soccer League (CUSL) program is the League Alliance Team Program. The purpose of this program is to provide a development opportunity for the League's strongest players, and to provide the best opportunity for teams from the Southern Ohio area to be successful in US Youth Soccer State, Regional and National competition. Since the inception of CUSL, each of the clubs' Directors of Coaching have worked cooperatively to discuss curriculums of training and common principles to identify the most outstanding talent (U-15 and above, both boys and girls) in the Southwest Ohio area. CUSL entered into a partnership with the Cincinnati United Premier (CUP) Soccer Club to operate the League Alliance Team Program in order to provide this advancement opportunity for these outstanding players who have the ability and desire to play top level competitive soccer on a national level.


Arsenal alumni: Nick Lance, Steve Hartman, Zach Schmitz, Andrew LeConey, and Eric Kramer

In the spirit of cooperation and partnership within CUSL, the purpose of the CUP program is to assemble the best CUSL players onto one or two elite soccer teams per age group (boys and girls) to represent the Greater Cincinnati area in the Region and the Nation. The CUP program offers the opportunity to play with Southwest Ohio's best players, to train with the area's best trainers, and to compete against the region's and the nation's best teams.

FACTS about CUSL/CUP Alliance Team:

CUP has expanded! CUP now is the Elite Club of the CUSL!
CUSL is an alliance of 17 of the best soccer clubs in the greater Cincinnati area
CUP now brings together the best talent from CUSL clubs to form top teams to compete at the Regional and National levels.
CUP teams play in the Buckeye Premier and National Leagues, and are accepted into the top US Tournaments and Showcases!
CUP is a Proven Success!
CUP is the #1 Elite Soccer Club in Ohio South (based on '01/02/03 BPYSL results)
CUP advanced 4 teams to Regionals and 1 team to Nationals last year:
CUP U18 (Red) Boys were OH-S State Cup Champions!
CUP U17 (Red) Girls were OH-S Finalists and Region 2 NL Champions
CUP U16 (Red) Girls were OH-S State Cup Semi-Finalists
CUP U15 (Red) Girls were Region 2 Champions (3rd Nationals)
FOSC Girls U14 Fever (currently CUP U15) were Region 2 Finalists!
CUP has a Proven College Program
147 CUP players have played college soccer over last 7 years
110 Boys ('97-'04) o 37 Girls ('03/'04)
33 CUP Players Signed "Letters of Intent" in 2/04! (Picture below)
CUP participates in the Best Tournaments & College Showcases, including Tampa, FL, Disney, FL, Raleigh, NC, Best of Midwest, IL, Jefferson, VA, Germantown, TN, etc.
CUP offers special programs for potential college-bound players
College Night introduces CUP players to a panel of college coaches that explain the recruiting process to players & parents
CUP Academy provides guest college coaches to train each CUP team 5 times throughout the season (hugely successful!)
CUP's Buckeye Showcase highlights the state's top U17 teams in front of Region 2 coaches(Indoor - 2/16, Outdoor - 5/1)
CUP Provides Excellent Professional Training!
CUP provides superb, professional training of all teams
CUP provides winter training at Wall2Wall using a full-size indoor soccer field, and outdoor training on an all-weather field at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy.
CUP has 2 of the Highly Qualified Directors of Coaching in the greater Cincinnati area
Steve Tranter
Dir. of Coaching - Girls
H: (513) 576-6426
C: (513) 703-6792
USSF "A", NSCAA Adv. National
Former Region 2 ODP Staff Coach
Paul Rockwood
Dir. of Coaching - Boys
H: (513) 515-7622
C: (513) 515-7622
USSF "A", NSCAA National Youth
Former Region 2 ODP Head Coach
NSCAA Region 2 "Coach of the Year"
CUP action shots